It is a combination of over 50 years of experience Meltog has in the manufacturing of tin box equipment and the willingness to listen to our customers that has led to the development in the very latest in bodyforming technology. Through the use of state-of-the-art design techniques and studious application of materials technology, these systems are able to deliver a sustainable and high-quality production capability to any Canmaker.

An advantage of Meltog’s Bodyforming technology is the design provides significant levels of flexibility – as the customer has the option to choose from a number of different automatic feed options and control systems. This allows them to configure an optimised system to satisfy their particular needs and requirements.

The customer is able to choose from a number of different control systems. These range from basic operator controls for straight forward applications to sophisticated touch screen controls which provide the operator with enhanced process information through.

The design of Meltog’s bodymakers allows our customers to change over shapes and sizes quicker than ever before, a major factor required in an industry where delivery and performance is paramount. This, along with the use of advanced computer aided design facilities and improved maintenance features (such as automatic lubrication) provides all of our customers with fast, effective and efficient production.

All Meltog Bodymakers are completed to the highest of standards and incorporate ergonomic integral machine guards to provide the operator with the highest levels of safety whilst not compromising either machine downtime or the operator interface.

Meltog’s Bodymaker Range


With its own range of optimised tooling, the BM150 is capable of delivering production speeds of up to 120cpm. With the use of backward tooling compatibility with both BM157 and BM613 Bodymakers, Meltog ensures minimal investments costs and maximum performance...

BM252 and BM350

The BM252 and BM350 range are available with a variety of automatic feed arrangements and are capable of producing up to 120 round, lock seamed cans per minute. Both the BM252 and BM305 are specifically designed to deliver optimum high...


It is the wealth of experience that Meltog has in the manufacturing of tin box equipment that led to the development of the BM540 Bodymaker. This machine has stretched the boundaries of shape and size as never before, covering a...