It is the wealth of experience that Meltog has in the manufacturing of tin box equipment that led to the development of the BM540 Bodymaker.

This machine has stretched the boundaries of shape and size as never before, covering a range of diameters and cross sections between 50mm and 395mm.

The design of the BM540 allows our customers to change over shapes and sizes quicker than ever before.

We are able to provide our customers with fast and effective production. This is achieved through the use of advanced computer aided desgin facilities and improved maintenance features (such as automatic lubrication).

BM540 Technical Specification

Machine SizeModel 540
Minimum Diameter50mm (164 Blank Length)
Maximum Diameter395mm (1250 Blank Length)
Minimum Height40mm
Maximum Height510mm
Minimum Material Thickness0.2mm
Maximum Material Thickness1.0mm
Maximum Output Speed60cpm

Please take a look at one of our early BM540 Bodymakers in action: