BM252 and BM350

The BM252 and BM350 range are available with a variety of automatic feed arrangements and are capable of producing up to 120 round, lock seamed cans per minute.

Both the BM252 and BM305 are specifically designed to deliver optimum high speed operation and the utmost flexibility for the customer.

As with all Meltog Bodymakers, the customer is able to choose from a number of different control systems. These can range from sophisticated touch screen controls through to basic operator controls for straight forward applications.

BM252 and BM350 – Technical Specification

Machine SizeModel 252Model 350
Minimum Diameter25mm75mm
Maximum Diameter200mm350mm
Minimum Height25mm40mm
Maximum Height330mm / 400mm (BM252 – 400*)330mm
Minimum Material Thickness0.2mm0.2mm
Maximum Material Thickness0.8mm0.8mm
Maximum Output Speed 120pcm120pcm
*Maximum Output speed of 252 – 400 is 100cpm