Twin Shaft Shredder

Meltog’s simple and robust Twin Shaft Shredder. Firstly, it is capable of high throughput volume reduction running at slow speed. Secondly, this shredder offers quiet and largely dust free operation.

Twin Shaft Shredder
Twin Shaft Shredder

Furthermore, they have been engineered following the renowned ‘pulvermatic’ formula for longevity and high availability. Additionally, material can be fed into the cutter chamber using a variety of means. Such as, being pulled through by the contra-rotating, deep hooks of each cutting knife.

In addition, the Twin Shaft Shredder can be customised to suit your needs. This includes a feed hopper or your choice of particle size. Moreover, through using slow speed and high torque drives, these machines are powerful. This means that there is no job too big for our Shredders. Finally, Meltog is committed to ensuring that you invest in the most cost-effective unit that best suits your requirements.

– High grade cutting system
– Replaceable cutting knives
– Customised cutter widths and form available
– Highly effective cutter chamber seals
– Automatic overload protection
– Shaft self-cleaning plough system

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