Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder Machines Manufactured in West Yorkshire

Meltog’s Single Shaft Shredders have all round performance in processing metal and plastic swarf and electronic wastes. As a manufacturer of heavy-duty single shaft shredders, we can design and build a machine that perfectly suits the needs of our customers. Our single shaft shredding machines can reduce all types of industrial waste and using custom recirculation grilles you can control amount of reduction.

Single Shaft Shredder
Single Shaft Shredder

The material is fed into the rotor and is constantly pressed against the fixed blade. This continues until a specified particle size is achieved. Then, these particles can pass through the recirculation grill fitted beneath the cutting chamber. The end result being the desired fraction. Our single shaft shredders have been designed to cope with processing a wide range of materials from non-ferrous metals to composite materials, wood, paper, cardboard, rubber, copper cables and much more.

– Individually fitted cutting blades
– Custom Recirculation Grilles
– Cutting shaft seals to protect bearings
– Automatic overload protection

Single Shaft Shredder

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