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Twist Off Cap Systems

Shell Forming & Lining Technology

Meltog's NovaCap® equipment provides a cost effective, versatile shell Forming and Lining Technology for the manufacture of Twist Caps and Metal Closures.

Unlike other manufacturer, NovaCap® technology offers a significant performance advantage by combining the pre-curling, lug forming and lining operations into just one machine, using a special 3-tool arrangement and a Plastisol compound lining solution.

The 1st Tool Station or Pre-curl operation operation provides an even Curl and Lug formation.

The Plastisol compound is injected at the lining station which incorporates the Aterspin station ensuring the even distribution of the compound.

The caps are transferred via conveyor into the curing oven curing the compound in the finished caps.

The proven modular production line enables Meltog's customers to select the most suitable output speed. The concept also has the advantage of being easily upgraded by adding further NovaCap® machines to the line.

Typical Twist-Off Cap Line

NovaCap® Technology is:

  • Based on proven & reliable technology.
  • Has incremental product capacity
  • Versatile to suit Low, Medium or High Volume production requirements
  • Proven production efficiency
  • High accuracy with reliability
  • Rapid tool changeover with long life
  • Variable production rates
  • Low running costs
  • Upgrading options
  • In-house designed and manufactured tooling
  • Worldwide customer services

Technical Specification

Material Types Tinplate - TFD - Aluminium
Cap Types Twist - PT Caps - Pry off caps
  Phoenix Caps - Omnia type caps
  Other special closures
Cap size range 30mm - 82mm diameter
Output Speed upto 250 caps p/min
Lining Facility Annular or overall lining with plastisol compound

Meltog reserve the right to change the above specification without prior notice.

Rebuilds and Upgrades

Meltog regularly undertake the reconditioning of long serving machines. We can upgrade old equipment for improved performance and safety compliance. Exchange services may also be available, please call for details.

Customer Services

Meltog is fully committed to ensuring that all our customers achieve the highest standards of productivity and quality from their investment in our equipment.

Our continuing substantial investment in the inventory of machine spares and tooling accessories assures the long term availability of economically priced original parts for all Meltog machines. This ensures that all our customers are able to gain optimum performance from their investment for many years to come.

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