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Ancillary Equipment

Body End Feed Systems

Fully automatic Can Body Infeed Units & End Feeders can be supplied as optional extras and can be integrated into existing Meltog can making lines

Fully Integrated Pressing Systems and Automatic Feeders

For the production of can ends or bottoms, the Meltog strip feeding and integrated mechanical press system is used. The system is able to feed either cut to length (slit) pre-decorated or plain strips via the programmable, servo actuated feed system. To eliminate down time, the strip feeder can incorporate continuous loading facility.

For continuous stock, the decoiling, leveling and servo feed system is used. Again this is fully integrated into the mechanical press.

The mechanical press system is configured in an inclined orientation to aid the removal of stamped components. Presses are available in 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 tonne capacities.

Special Purpose Pressing Systems

For the completion of certain processes, Meltog can provide custom designed and manufactured hydraulic presses. These presses, ranging in size from 10 tonnes capacity upto 80 tonne capacity can be used for pressure curling and seaming for a fully decorated finish. These machines can be provided in either manual, semi-auto or fully automatic configuration depending upon client requirements and capacities.


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