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Seaming Systems


No decorative container is complete without the base or end. To undertake this operation, Meltog provides the CSM500 fully automatic conventional seamer; this sophisticated seaming machine is capable of seaming both round and irregular shaped containers.

The CSM500 compromises:

• Can Body Infeed (optional)
• Index Table
• End Feed (optional)
• Body Square Unit (optional)
• Seamer Unit
• Can Eject System
• Plc Control
• Guards
• T-Piece Conveyor (optional)

Technical Spec CSM500

Can Height

40mm - 500mm
Can Size (diagonal) 100mm - 375mm
Material Thickness 0.2mm - 0.5mm



This is an alternative to the CSM500, the SEP250 offer the can maker the ability to provide a fully decorated panel with no visible external seam. The SEP250 is a purpose built fully automatic seated end press, designed to seat ends and fully curl top end of can bodies simultaneously for round and irregular shapes.

It offer and economic, alternative chose to conventional seamed can production and manual seated end assembly.

Seated end can represent a sophisticated, premium value product. The can bodies produced on a seated end press can be decorated in full providing challenging design opportunities to can makers.

The SEP250 can be easily integrated into existing conventional Meltog canmaking lines.

Technical Spec SEP250

Can Height

50mm - 250mm
Can Size (diagonal) 100mm - 375mm
Material Thickness 0.22mm - 0.25mm
Output Speed Up to 2000 cans/hour


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