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Blank Feeding Systems

ANCB - Automatic Blank Forming and Feed System

The ANCB system undertakes the notching, the hemming and curling, the beading and the flanging processes required for the can body blank prior to entering the body maker.

The ANCB consists of two separate units:
• Feeder which incorporates a hydraulic table lift, pick and place unit, feed rollers and the notching station
• HB or Hemming and Beader station

Both of these units move independently on a common fixed track. The feeder can also incorporate an automatic reloading system.

ASF - Automatic Suction Feed arrangement

This type of feeding system is recommended for production lines where flanging and beading are carried out as a separate operation, after the round can body has been formed on a Meltog Bodymaker.

The Suction Feed system transfers from a stack of flat blanks and one at a time, into a notching station. A feed bar system transfers the blanks between the notching and edging stations and into the forming station for the Bodymaker, where the round can body is formed with a fully locked side seam.

Technical Spec ANCB     ASF    

Blank length

220mm - 1250mm  
Blank height 40mm - 510mm  
Material Thickness 0.2mm - 0.5mm 0.2mm - 1.0mm
Can size/diameter 50mm - 395mm 70mm - 330mm
Can height 40mm - 500mm 40mm - 500mm
Custom Solutions

Meltog can also provide custom designed solutions for the feeding and handling of body blanks that are particularly prone or sensitive to damage. These systems include many additional features and special components that allow the feeding process to still take place at economical production speeds.

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