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General Applications – Metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) and Plastic


“Metal recycling in the UK is high because of its high economic value. For example, aluminium cans are worth 6 to 20 times more than any other use packaging material”
Source Environment Agency

Finding the right way of turning your metal waste into reusable produce is just one of the issues of recycling metals. Meltog’s range of shredding systems comprises a wide choice of machines that will help deal with all types of metal waste.

Meltog solutions are available for almost any kind of metal waste including aluminium cans, ferrous scrap metals and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Meltog’s Pulvermatic® SH range of shredding systems have an excellent track record in the field of metal recycling. This popular range of machinery can deal with applications ranging from metal skeleton, decorative or general container making processes, swarf systems, metal drums and containers as well as many other ferrous and non-ferrous waste streams.

A Meltog system is configured to your requirements. An experienced and knowledgeable in-house design team analyses the client’s requirements to ensure the result of a seamless waste management solution. Meltog’s Pulvermatic® systems can size, separate and sort, clean, compact or bale your metallic or combination waste stream. Not only this but Pulvermatic systems are available with customised feeding options and handling systems to ensure an efficient process throughout.

Typical applications include 200 litre (40 gallon) drums up to 200 litres, swarf systems, white goods, packaging materials, general scrap.


“Unfortunately, plastic recycling isn’t as common as it could be, due to the high cost of collection and sorting.”
Source Environment Agency

It is widely known that plastic waste is not as easy to recycle as some other materials. This is sometimes because of the cost of manually sorting the different types of plastic waste prior to mechanical recycling. Meltog’s complete system solutions help eliminate the long processes associated with recycling plastic.

Meltog’s shredder solutions can significantly aid in the process of plastic recycling and help organisations meet strict government recycling goals. Our range of light and heavy duty granulation systems are ideal for customers with plastic recycling needs.

Some of the barriers to recycling plastic include the cost of transporting it to specialist disposal sites and manually sorting through the different types of waste. Meltog’s complete turnkey systems are ideal for those customers who prefer to have a seamless waste management solution. Each project is fully assessed and a customised, turnkey system is then supplied. Typically solutions can include a number of infeed options including bin lifting /tipping, conveying as well as manually loaded systems. The processing systems generally comprise the shredding module with options that can include compactors or baling systems or granulating and /or pulverising systems. The in-process waste stream logistics can again be handled in a number of ways to suit client and /or process requirement. These can include air conveying or traditional mechanical transfer systems.

Typical applications include Plastic Drums up to 200 litres, IBC’s, PET bottles, HDPE products, LDPE products.

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