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Special Applications

Special Applications – WEEE, VOC ,Hazardous, Corrosive and Medical

“The new WEEE regulations have been put in place with effect from January 2007 to tackle the growing amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). These apply to all companies who import, manufacture or re-brand electrical equipment in the UK.”
Source: Environment Agency

The reliability of Meltog’s Pulvermatic® shredding system solutions makes them an ideal choice for hazardous applications and more recently in the important field of WEEE compliance.

Meltog Pulvermatic® shredding systems can provide the ideal first stage partner for your WEEE process. The company provides the processing capacity for large bulky objects and the systems to sort between ferrous and non-ferrous and metallic and non-metallic waste. Meltog systems can deliver sorted waste streams in readiness for the sophisticated recycling processes required for full WEEE compliance.

VOC, Hazardous, Corrosive and Medical Waste Management Processes

In addition to non-hazardous waste processing industries, the reliability of Meltog’s Pulvermatic Shredding systems makes them an ideal choice for use in hazardous applications. Examples of Meltog’s shredding systems can be found in the nuclear industry, on board both surface and submarine Naval warships, in the clinical waste industry, in many ODS (CFC’s, HCFC’s and other VOC’s) processes, explosive gaseous processes and the petrochemical industry.

Nuclear Industry
Meltog’s reputation for system integrity has made them the first choice supplier for many applications involving the processing of both low level and high level waste. Pulvermatic shredding systems can be found in the nuclear medicine industry, nuclear power stations and a number of renowned nuclear research facilities.

Naval Systems and Offshore Platforms
When submerged deep below the surface of the sea in hostile waters, when stealth and surprise are your ally, one must wholly rely upon robust and tested systems. A military submarine or surface ship has both a rigorous and exacting requirement for its waste management process. Meltog are proud to be a central part of the waste management solution for the very latest and previous two generations of Royal Navy submarines. Our specially designed compact combination shredder compactor systems are designed for quiet operation and whilst being able to withstand multiple ‘G’ impacts without sustaining damage or injuring Naval personnel.

Clinical Waste Systems
Meltog’s Pulvermatic Clinical waste systems are designed to eliminate the need for human handling. Bespoke options including bulk tipping systems eliminate the need for intermediate handling, particle sizing systems on board the shredding module ensure total confidentiality for mixed waste types and specialist heated transfer systems provide sterilisation of the shredded waste stream.

ODS, Explosive Gas and Petrochemical
For many years Meltog have provided shredding systems where liberated ODS, explosive gases or vapours have been captured and stored for safe processing or release. Meltog’s engineers and many years of experience provide reliable, specialist knowledge which the client can depend upon. Whether it be the capture and storage of ozone depleting substances or simply the immediate removal of explosive gases or powders, particularly from the vicinity of personnel, in a safe and effective manner Meltog can provide the solution.

Refrigeration Systems

For the safe disposal of bulky items such as refrigerators, Meltog offers cost effective turnkey system that can process up to 60 fridges per hour.


The Meltog LB Pulveriser is an ideal solution for the rapid destruction and sorting of containers, bottles or phials containing liquid chemicals or for the breaking of ‘cake’ as a by-product of a filtration process.

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