Filter Tube Machinery

Meltog is a pioneer for lock seamed spiral tube machinery for the filter/filtration industry. The company introduced its STM200 in the early 1980’s. Meltog was the inventor and patent holder of the now widespread louvering method of producing open area in tubes. For 40 years, the company has held a leadership position offering unrivalled flexibility in seam styles:
– Outside
– Outside Flush (for louvered or corrugated)
– Inside
– Inside Flush

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Key Features:

  • Fully automatic machine operation
  • CA/CE marked
  • Rapid changeover of diameter/strip
  • Precision, burr free tube cut-off
  • Precision servo drive technology
  • PLC Control
  • Display Screen (Full Colour)

Material Types:

  • Tin plated steel
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Carbon Steels
  • Copper based alloys
  • Zinc Coated Materials
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pre-coated steel
  • Plain, pre-perforated and expanded materials


  • Global after-sales service & support
  • Works with light gauge materials in a range of widths
  • Consistent tube quality with Cpk value of 1.67
  • Chipless tube cut-off
  • Produces consistently high collapse strength tubes

Optional Additions:

  • Integrated vertical or pallet decoilers
  • Strip oiler
  • Automatic machine lubrication
  • Servo powered flying cut-off
  • Bespoke machine solutions available

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Tool Changing

Through the Meltog ‘Rapid Change Tooling System’, all of the Spiral Tube Machines are able to produce in-line-louvered tubes to standard or customer specification.

(Image of Tool Changer)

Cut-Off System

For Meltog’s STM machinery, producing the tube is only part of the process. The Cut-Off system has to be able to produce repeatable, clean and chip-free tubes without distorting the tube. In order to achieve this, all STM machines utilise a high-speed-rotary shear system.

(Image of Cut-off System)

Our Range of Filter-Tube Manufacturing Equipment:

Technical Information

Material ThicknessTube Internal DiameterTube LengthFlying Cut
STM 750.25mm – 0.40mm25mm – 75mm32mm T0 ∞
STM 1250.25mm – 0.90mm25mm – 150mm32mm T0 ∞x
STM 2500.25mm – 0.90mm25mm – 250mm32mm T0 ∞x
STM 3500.25mm – 1.00mm80mm – 350mm32mm T0 ∞
STM 5000.25mm – 1.00mm200mm – 500mm52mm T0 ∞

Meltog can also manufacture custom machines for special requirements including oversized diameters.

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