Engineering Services

Meltog is proud to offer a wide range of Engineering Services which run along side our production of high quality, special purpose machinery.

Service and Maintenance

As standard, all our new machines are supplied with 12 months warranty. However, long-term care packages are available to support your machine throughout it’s use. Whether it’s spare parts, maintenance, rebuilds or installation; Meltog can provide the support you require.

Preventative Maintenance:
– Offering scheduled inspections of the machinery with Health status reports after each visit.
– The supply of spare parts in support of the Health status report.
– Invaluable engineering expertise and experience in customer support.

Engineering Services

Spare Parts

Meltog have been designing and manufacturing machinery for many years. Therefore, we have a wealth of expertise and experience in the support and aftercare of machines.

As your machine is producing, it naturally and slowly wears components such as ‘Cutting Knives’, and this can cause production levels to drop considerably.

Here at Meltog we supply and manufacture all the spare parts necessary to keep your machine running.

All of this means our customers benefit from top of the range, OEM, replacement parts, maximum machine operating time and minimal disruption.

Project Management

All our customers have unique expectations, so here at Meltog our Project Engineers ensure that whether you require an installation, rebuild, spare parts or a maintenance visit then you will benefit from our expertise and experience in managing your requirements.

Engineering Services


Meltog’s machinery is renowned for it’s robustness and longevity under all conditions. This is due to having been designed with this specifically in mind from the outset. However, as time goes by, all machinery becomes worn and tired. At this point, it is often wise to consider a rebuild to refresh all worn parts. For approximately 60% of the cost of a new machine, we can have your production levels back up to near the original 100%.

Initially, we carry out a detailed inspection, which gives us an in depth report on the health of the machine. From this, we produce a report for our customer. Then, this is followed by a detailed quotation, which outlines precisely which parts and relevant action is required.

Once our customer has evaluated the inspection and gives Meltog the go ahead, we allocate a project engineer and the machinery is stripped, and the rebuild process commences.

Once the complete unit is tested, a factory inspection is offered to our customer before despatch is arranged.


Finally, as part of our Engineering Services, whether it’s a new machine or refurbished, Meltog can allocate a Field Engineer to your project. From Inspection to Sign Off, we will ensure your project runs smoothly.

Engineering Services
Engineering Services
Engineering Services

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