Meltog design, manufacture, assemble and integrate complex electro-mechanical systems for the recycling, metal packaging and filtration industries. The company is headquartered in Leeds in the UK and supplies its products world wide. From this site, Meltog offers not only new machinery but also expertise and advice, spare parts as well as a full range of aftermarket services. As a technology business, the company has invested extensively in its engineering systems utilising state of the art 3D CAD systems for its design processes and CNC machine tools for manufacturing.

For our recycling business, we are one of a very few companies who actually design and manufacture their machinery in the UK. Meltog is therefore amongst the very few who are able to fully support their equipment, the few who have a thorough understanding of the processes and the few that can offer their clients peace of mind. That is why Meltog is a supplier to the UK armed forces, nuclear and power generation industries.

For our metal packaging business, Meltog is perhaps one of the best-known providers of decorative metal packaging equipment in the World. Having manufactured packaging equipment for over half a century, the company has a wealth of products, experience and knowledge to produce decorative packaging of the highest quality. Moreover, our in-house experience makes us able to offer solutions to seemingly complex problems, the company has successfully installed automated processes into areas of production where it was deemed impossible – offering our customers that important competitive edge.

For our filtration business, Meltog’s experience is derived from over 40 years of supplying equipment for the manufacture of filter components. Derived initially from the decorative can manufacturing technology, Meltog has continuously developed its range of equipment and was the pioneer of in-line louvered, spirally wound filter tube cores. Today, Meltog offer a whole range of machinery and some of the fastest equipment at extremely competitive prices.